The secret of success of 5-star hotel managers

20 Apr,2023 admin

You’ve heard information about hotel rooms worth thousands of dollars per night, where only A-list Hollywood stars or world billionaires dare to set foot. Then you ask yourself: To offer that price tag, must these hotels have something really different? What makes them famous now? Follow the talented hotel managers to learn the secret to creating their success stories!

Inspire employees to work

Sharp is a genius designer and the founder of the Fours Seasons 5-star hotel chain with a total of 78 hotels located in 32 countries around the world. And he entered the hotel management industry at the age of 29, starting a small hotel business. So what made him famous?
Isadore Sharp once confided: “A hotel manager can do everything without the help of subordinates can only be a myth.” For more than four decades, Isadore Sharp has been respected for its ingenuity and management ability to encourage employees to dedicate 110% of their work to the Four Seasons. With his efforts and prestige, he inspired the fire and enthusiasm to work for all employees in all departments.
Indeed, a good restaurant manager must be someone who knows how to arouse and lead employees to the joy, happiness of working and being devoted. Nowadays, you can easily sign up for a course in restaurant management, or hotel and food service management at universities or tourism colleges, but these schools only teach If you have the knowledge and necessary skills, and how to arouse passion and inspire others, each person will have different ways.

Capturing market demand

Marriott is a business that operates in a wide range of industries including real estate, restaurant and food service businesses. Today, the Marriott hotel system has become famous around the world.

Originally, this business, founded by newlyweds Bill and Allie Marriott, focused on a 5-cent beer stand. And with its flexibility, always changing to suit the business market, Marriott has grown from there. Today, the Marriott hotel chain was born, targeting a new customer segment – business people on business trips and resorts.

Persistence is the “golden key”

Having gone through an extremely difficult period due to the financial crisis, but thanks to patience, the Hilton Worldwide Holding hotel chain overcame the challenge and achieved many successes. No matter what field of business, you also need to have perseverance to pursue the set goals. And perseverance is the secret to the success of the Hilton family – a family that has created an empire of restaurant and hotel services in the world.

The Hilton Corporation started with the motel business started by Augustus Halvorsen Hilton. After leaving the army, although he did not receive training in the hospitality business, he built a global brand. Experiencing many ups and downs in its business history, Hilton is still a world-class hotel system.

Jonathan Gray, who contributed greatly to the success of debt negotiations and investments to help the Hilton brand continue to shine, recalls: “We had so much debt, almost cash, at that time. no longer, but we believe in this project. We were determined to go to the end and our determination paid off.” In fact, their secret is patience, patience in structuring debts, patiently persuading creditors to extend time, patience with customers’ even unreasonable demands.

All the ingredients to being a good manager are rooted in dignity, vision, and assertiveness. It doesn’t happen by chance and anyone can do this easily, but time and experience will lead you to become the person you want to be.


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