How to handle difficult customers? Tips to handle the fastest

During their stay at the hotel, some guests who are not satisfied with the quality of service or the attitude of the staff will...

20/04/2023 Blog

What is inter-departmental management? Why do hotels need ERP management?

The hotel has a strict and scientific personnel organization structure Any organization, business establishment that wants to operate smoothly must build a strict and...

20/04/2023 Blog

Simple and effective hotel management with management software

It can be said that management software is no longer strange to hotel owners in recent times. One of the reasons that hotel management...

20/04/2023 Blog

Things to know when buying hotel management software

Are you intending to buy a hotel management software to be able to manage your work faster and more conveniently? Are you wondering what...

20/04/2023 Blog

GHOTEL – Hotel management software

Are you running a small and medium hotel business? The number of rooms is not much but still can’t manage the work effectively? What...

20/04/2023 Blog

The secret of success of 5-star hotel managers

You’ve heard information about hotel rooms worth thousands of dollars per night, where only A-list Hollywood stars or world billionaires dare to set foot....

20/04/2023 Blog

What is Overbooking? Strategies to maximize room capacity

What is Overbooking? The solution has potential risks but still has potential for revenue development if there is a clever and appropriate direction Many...

20/04/2023 Blog


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