What is inter-departmental management? Why do hotels need ERP management?

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The hotel has a strict and scientific personnel organization structure

Any organization, business establishment that wants to operate smoothly must build a strict and scientific personnel organization structure. For what?

– Easy to manage and assign work

– Query tasks and assign specific responsibilities to departments – teams / groups – individuals, as a basis for rewarding or sanctioning, and disciplining when necessary.

– Show professionalism and thoroughness, create synchronous service value

– Improve service quality when accelerating work performance in shifts through the urging and supervision of superiors and colleagues

– Create a healthy competition between the employees in the department and each other in successfully completing the assigned tasks, making customers satisfied, thereby increasing the value for themselves and the team / team, as a basis. Let the business recognize and reward

– …

Functions and duties of each department in the hotel

Each department has specific functions and tasks to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the hotel.

Here,  ghotel.vn  would like to introduce  the indispensable parts in a hotel:

>Senior Management

→Including:  General Director, Deputy General Director, Assistant General Director, Executive Director, General Secretary, Directors of divisions/departments, Heads/Managers of divisions

Function: Management and operation of the hotel, responsible for the success or failure of the hotel’s business

Duties:  manage and run the entire business of the hotel in general, the head of each department/department is responsible for service quality and work performance of that department/department. – assign work to junior staff – recruit and train employees – set up rules and regulations at the workplace – sign and approve the remuneration regime for employees – evaluate employees for approval and commendation corresponding reward or discipline –

>Reception department – front desk

Function:  The reception department, also known as the front desk department, is likened to the face of the hotel in communicating and creating relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. This department is the bridge between customers and hotel services, between departments in the hotel. This is also an effective assistant of management in consulting and giving suggestions on the situation of the hotel, market needs, customer tastes, future trends… Guests staying, information about the structure of guests, the source of guests from which to make changes and plans to bring the highest business efficiency to the hotel.

Tasks: receive, receive, handle customer requests and transfer customer information to relevant departments – guide guests, check-in and check-out procedures for guests, collect fees if guests customers use other products and services in the hotel – store guest information on the system, report to management on the operation situation – link and support other departments to complete their tasks.

>Room department

Function: providing main products and services at the hotel, bringing the highest revenue source in the total revenue of the hotel; responsible for the rest of the customer’s stay at the hotel; closely and consistently coordinate with the front desk department in selling and providing room service. Room parts can be divided into small parts with their own functions, more specifically: cleaning room, laundry, cloth storage, public toilets, trees, flower arrangements…

Tasks: Prepare rooms, ensure clean rooms, always ready to welcome guests – Clean rooms daily, lobby areas and public areas – check room status, equipment, other items and products in the room when cleaning – receiving and delivering guest services, reporting to the front desk staff of related issues –knowing the situation of guests – coordinating with other departments serve customers.

>Restaurant Department

The restaurant division is the most profitable part of the hotel after the room division. This department performs the work related to dining at the hotel, divided into 2 small parts: kitchen and bar.

Function: Provide food and drinks to customers; departmental cost planning

Mission: Organizing food and beverage business including 3 main activities: processing, circulation and organizing catering services at the hotel – Serving food for hotel staff – providing services Additional services such as: organizing parties, buffets for seminars, organizing parties at the request of guests – supporting other departments when needed.

>Accounting Department – finance

Function: determine financial strategies; find capital, source of capital for the hotel; Monitor, manage and report revenue, expenditure, debt…

Tasks: make documents in the formation and use of capital – make vouchers to determine the business results of each department and the whole hotel – make monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements – management and monitor revenue and expenditure.

>Administrative and HR Department

Function: managing, recruiting personnel

Tasks: organize and arrange officials and employees – promulgate institutions and working regulations – monitor, evaluate employees of departments and receive opinions from superiors, directly manage employees staff – recruiting and training employees

>Technical department

Function: Manage and monitor technical systems and equipment in the hotel to ensure good operation, without problems or malfunctions during operation

Tasks: monitoring and regular maintenance of equipment in the hotel – repairing tools and equipment when required by other departments – Performing stage decoration, sound preparation for the assembly school when the hotel has a conference, seminar or upon request

>Security department – guard

Function: ensure the safety ofcustomers, hotel properties and customers, responsible for security in the hotel

Duties: patrolling, guarding in shifts, always in a ready position when there is an incident –  looking after the car for guests and for staff in other parts of the hotel – assisting the front desk in giving instructions , transporting guests’ luggage in and out of the hotel – help other departments complete their tasks

>General Sales Department

Function:  Searching for customers for other departments such as room service, restaurant,…; expand the market, attract potential customers for the hotel. General business division includes: sales and marketing bp

Tasks: planning to find customers – marketing products – researching the market, competitors – statistics, analysis, evaluation of business performance of the hotel – surveying customers for suggestions with superiors in effectively renewing and upgrading services

>Selling stalls, selling souvenirs

Function: Increase hotel revenue; meet the needs of customers for shopping by providing necessary objects, souvenirs and utensils.

Mission: finding beautiful, unique, quality products to introduce to hotel customers; look for specific products to highlight the hotel

The departments in the hotel are divided, arranged jobs with different functions and tasks, but in general, they still have the common purpose of meeting and satisfying the needs of customers with the services of guests. hotel, bringing in revenue for the hotel, retaining loyal customers and attracting new customers to the hotel.

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